The Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort, located in Rawai, Phuket, offers the perfect environment for complete relaxation, tucked away on a hillside, elevated about 50 meters above sea level. Surrounded by lush tropical gardens, guests enjoy the stunning sea views, the view to Phi Phi Island, Coral Island, Bon Island and Racha Islands. Architectural design and color scheme instantly calm you down, whilst you start to discover the various features of the resort. Our free beach shuttle brings you to one of Phuket’s best beaches, the famous Nai-Harn Beach.

The resort is family owned and managed, adult-only and we guarantee peace and tranquility by not accepting any tour groups. With only 50 Villas, the resort is small enough to maintain a certain exclusivity and for the owners to meet all their guests.

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Two storey building with two bedrooms

Enjoy the perfect Honeymoon Suites

The resort most spacious Jacuzzi Villas

Truly special with all comfort and sea view

Jacuzzi Spa Villas with extra comfort

Far from ordinary, great comfort and best value

Ayurveda and Wellness

In 2010 Mangosteen we added Ayurveda Programs, guided by a certified Indian Ayurveda Doctor who is permanently at the resort. He is the mastermind of our authentic Ayurveda cures, guiding you through your healthy and relaxing holiday. His experience and knowledge are essential to the success of each program. Most of our guests are Ayurveda experienced, however the programs are also suitable and recommended for beginners. We use only highest quality oils and all ingredients used are authentic from India or if available, from Thailand. All Ayurveda programs can be modified to your liking by simply speaking to us. Ayurveda packages are including luxury accommodation in a beautiful Mangosteen Villa of your choice, daily morning Yoga sessions at our new Prana Yoga Sala, daily Ayurvedic treatments at our elegant Spa, all Ayurvedic, tasty, vegan meals and life-drinks.

The Mangosteen Spa also provides special Wellness Escapes, tailored to your individual requirements, such as slimming, detoxing, relaxing or vitalizing. Daily morning yoga sessions are integrated part of all programs, additional lessons guided by professional yoga teachers are available on a weekly activity schedule. Our well-equipped fitness center is available for those who like to be even more active. Our approach as a wellness resort integrates yoga, professional spa treatments, tailor-made nutrition as well as an adult-only, calm and relaxing environment, combined with comfort and care. Yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings are organized by the resort and can be booked for your retreat, in the resorts dedicated “Prana Yoga Sala”, surrounded by beautiful gardens and a large, soothing waterfall.

Ayurveda Health & Wellness Packages

The Mangosteen Ayurveda Resort offers a variety of health packages, which can be further individualized on request. Our onsite Ayurveda Doctor will be happy to discuss your individual program according to your needs. To give you an indication, we have created the following options. You may book them as they are and contact us by email prior to arrival, to discuss details with Dr. Subhash who will also send you a questionnaire in order to know more about your needs.

The rates include luxury accommodation for 7 or 14 nights, the spa package of your choice for one or two person which includes full board and yoga sessions, service charge and all applicable taxes. Accommodation is always including two person, however you may opt for one or two Ayurveda Packages, depending if both partners are doing the cure or just one.

Ayurveda package prices
AYURYOGA CHAITANYA – A natural slimming program

Chaitanya is the state of freeness and lightness. This Ayurveda program involves treatments eliminating the tough adhered adipose toxins with the specialized powdered scrub each day with a detox steam.

Utmost care is also taken to account in advising and preparing a light and a wholesome Satvik meal everyday with the right choice of ingredients because we believe “You are what you Eat”.

Physically the challenges are to overcome with good Yoga stretches and breathing exercises.

AYURYOGA SHODHANA – A well-being holiday program

Shodhana translates to “purify”, for perfect well-being, a physical, mental and spiritual balance is required. Hence this Ayurveda program aims at all the aspects with a detailed treatments with right ingredients for your Doshas or personality trait and issues.

The Program starts with a detailed consultation followed by therapeutic treatments working from outside and herbal tea and concoctions from inside, relaxing massages pampering the mind, Yoga and meditation nurturing the Soul.

Preparing the body for an ultimate purification is obtained with choice from the “Satvik” Meal where the freshness and energy of the tropical ingredients are consumed every day!

AYURYOGA SANDHI – A joint and bone wellness program

Joints or “Sandhi” are the receivers of the harsh care we give to the body every day. Our body does not care till symptomatic changes occur. Skeletal tissues are at the middle of the Nutrition Pyramid hence care with external herbal preparations with internal herbal remedies and treatment are the core area of this program.

Mild stretches with body weight and supports are the Yoga style recommended. Chronic issues care are given good follow up with herbal and food advises.

AYURYOGA OJASI – A rejuvenation anti-aging program

“Ojas”, the essence of the body plays a vital role in the ageing factor of the tissues. Right care with food, relaxation, rejuvenating herbs and right manner of breathing pumps the free radicals out of the body in giving a lightness and radiance to the body. A good technique of meditation also helps in keeping the worrying and fragile mind in control.

Our special “Satvik” meal with a Life drink can revive back all the nutrients with energy of the soil hence feeling refreshed and young.